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Michael Pell Propell Property

Michael Pell

Managing Director
With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Michael is passionate about making a difference and building long-standing relationships. His love for property and people is the reason he founded Propell. When Michael is not at work helping clients, you will find him at the beach or at a game of AFL with his two young sons!
Karen Lacheta-Pell Propell Property

Karen Lacheta-Pell

Partnerships Director & Leading Lady of InvestHer
Karen has led the development and execution of B2B relationships throughout Australia and internationally. She oversees our Propell Partnership Program, ensuring our business relationships continue to grow and thrive. She’s also the leading lady of InvestHer by Propell – passionate about helping women start their investment journey. Busy with her mum and work schedule, Karen’s other loves are pilates and coffee.
Lachlan Creese Propell Property

Lachlan Creese

Chief Financial Officer
After knocking back numerous offers from rival property groups, Lachlan has been an amazing recruit for our team. Having recently graduated from Bond University – finishing his property degree at the top of his class – his role is far reaching, and he feels the boutique nature of Propell suits him well, having hailed originally from a family of builders and developers in Tasmania.
Ashlee Urgerman Propell Property

Ashlee Urgerman

Executive Administrative Assistant
Meet our adventurous HR and patient care pro, a globe-trotter at heart with an impressive knack for bringing people together. With bags of experience and a track record sprinkled with success, she's the master of communication, adaptability, and fostering a vibrant team spirit. Eager to embrace new challenges and learn on the go, she's all about contributing to our global success with great enthusiasm. Ready for any adventure, she's here to inspire and drive us forward, making every goal a shared journey.
Cuan Roberts Propell Property

Cuan Roberts

Head of Acquisitions
Cuan Roberts, with his extensive finance and property background, joined us after moving from Durban to Australia in 2012. Immediately engaging in real estate and property investment, he has successfully completed profitable developments in the Gold Coast, fulfilling his dream of owning a brewery. Residing in Broadbeach and building a dream home in Main Beach, Cuan embodies the Gold Coast spirit. Known as 'Q,' his dedication to assisting clients in property investment, coupled with his empathetic approach, make him a valuable team member.
Jack Poulier Propell Property

Jack Poulier

Investment Strategist
A born and bred Brisbane boy, and hailing from the prestigious Nudgee College, this passionate Broncos fan and avid fisherman joins our team as a Top 10 draft pick! His passion for helping people and love of property means that Jack Poulier is a welcome addition to Team Propell!
Archie Spargo Propell Property

Archie Spargo

Investment Analyst
Archie, our Investment Analyst, is a numbers guru with a flair for golf, boasting a 7 GPA from UQ. His analytical prowess and his love for data makes him a unique asset to the Propell team. Having lived in Dubai, Archie brings a global perspective and a knack for late-night analysis, ensuring our investments are always on par.
Jayden Milne Propell Property

Jayden Milne

Investment Strategist
In the last three years, Jayden Milne has expanded his expertise in property investment, aiming to help first-time buyers achieve homeownership. With roots in Sydney and upbringing on the Gold Coast, Jayden has deep insights into the South East Queensland market, which is invaluable for prospective homeowners. While enjoying AFL and social interactions, his real passion is property, guiding newcomers to realise their dreams.
Kyle Macdonald Propell Property

Kyle Macdonald

Investment Strategist
Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Kyle is a seasoned professional who embarked on a global journey after graduating from University in 2016. Living in Austria, China, and France, building relationships across diverse cultures and backgrounds before moving back home to Scotland. From Edinburgh to the Gold Coast, Kyle transitioned from a seasoned Property Valuer to a dynamic Investment Strategist at Propell. His deep understanding of real estate and dedication to navigating the Australian property market make him an indispensable part of our team.
Joel Young Propell Property

Joel Young

Investment Strategist
Born in Queensland's Darling Downs, he's lived in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Starting in trades and hospitality, his real estate passion blossomed from working on properties. Joel later managed Mermaid Beach Tavern and spent a decade in luxury car sales, including a sales manager role, and was a Project Manager in mining. Joel loves Formula One, Supercars, and surfing, he is a devoted father, enjoying beach days with his two sons.
Lucy Klisch Propell Property

Lucy Klisch

Social Media Manager
Our Social Media Manager, is the heart of Propell's online community. Her friendly and outgoing nature shines through our social channels, creating engaging and inspiring content. Lucy's enthusiasm for being part of the Propell team is contagious, making every post a testament to our collaborative spirit.
Harry Cummins Propell Property

Harry Cummins

Multimedia Manager
Harry Cummins, is a true asset to the Propell Team, he brings a range of skills and expertise to his role as Multimedia Manager. Over the years, he has developed a keen interest in videography and photography. His eye for detail and can-do attitude has allowed him to work on various projects. This includes professional movies, such as Elvis, commercials, corporate and sports events and live television shows.
Jordan Yacoub Propell Property

Jordan Yacoub

National Marketing Manager
The National Marketing Manager, has a decade of experience shaping brands like Reece Plumbing and Forty Winks. With a background in Dubai and a love for golf, his strategic insight and digital expertise drive Propell's marketing to new heights. Jordan's knack for late-night creativity ensures our campaigns not only catch the eye but capture the brand identity.
Oriyan Nadav Propell Property

Oriyan Nadav

Web Developer & CRM Expert
The Web Developer & CRM Expert from Israel, blends engineering precision with creative coding, thanks to her Diploma of Engineering and a 6.75 GPA from Griffith College. A proud alumna of She Codes Australia, Oriyan's technical expertise and innovative solutions keep Propell's digital presence cutting-edge and user-friendly.
Propell Property Team

We Believe In TEAM Culture

As a business we are firm believers in being united, as Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.). While this acronym is tacky, it has allowed us to build invaluable trust with our clients in assisting them to purchase an investment property. As a company, we believe that staff should be excited to come to work. We facilitate the realities of life, putting our workplace culture and staff’s individual needs as a top priority.

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